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In 1918, in response to the request by the President of the Secondary Education Research Association, Jigoro Kano, the meeting of Association of Mathematics Teachers was held and attended by mathematics teachers from Normal Collleges, Lower Secondary Schools, and Upper Secondary Schools for Girls. At the meeting, it was approved that a research association focused on mathematics and mathematics teaching at secondary schools be established. A planning meeting was held in 1919, and Mathematical Association of Japan for Secondary Education was established in 1919.


January 18, 1919: Mathematical Association of Japan for Secondary Education was established. December 19, 1938: The assocition became an Incorporated Association. August 5, 1943: The name of the association was changed to Japan Society of Mathematical Education (JSME). April 1, 2014: JSME was approved as a Public Interest Incorporated Association.


The aim of the society is to contribute to the development of mathematics education as an academic discipline by promoting research on mathematics education at elementary, lower secondary, upper secondary, and tertiary education settings, providing opportunities to share and exchange findings from research on mathematics education theories and their applications, and providing relevant information to appropriate audiences. To achieve this aim, the Society will engage in the following activities: (1) conducting surveys and research in mathematics education, (2) publishing journals, (3) planning, editing, and publishing books and conducting workshops, (4) organizing conferences and seminars, (5) interacting with other mathematics education and research associations domestically and internationally, and (6) engaging in other activities that are judged to be necessary to achieve the aim of the association.


1. Presidents emeritus 3
2. Honorary advisers 9
3. Honorary members 40
4. Regular members 1,960
5. Associate members (Senior members, Student members)270
6. Institutional members 256
7. Supporting members 51


  1. Journal of Japan Society of Mathematical Education
    : Arithmetic Education (6 issues a year)
  2. Journal of Japan Society of Mathematical Education
    : Mathematics Education (6 issues a year)
  3. Journal of Japan Society of Mathematical Education
    : Research Journal of Mathematics Education (2 issues a year)


Domestically the JSME has been recognized as the leading mathematics education organization, and has had a great influence on local educational organizations. Internationally the JSME has cooperated with organizations such as NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics), GDM (Gesellschaft fur Didaktik der Mathematik) and AAMT (Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers) to recognize each other as Corresponding Societies.

Japan Society for Mathematical Education (JSME)
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Tokyo, Japan
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